Mission, Vision & Values

Our JSMC Mission, Vision & Values are central to who we are as a congregation and the work that we want to be engaged in within our context.


We are an Anabaptist congregation gathering in Lancaster City that is empowered by the Holy Spirit to follow Jesus’ command to love God and neighbor as self.


We envision being a gracious Christian community in a world that is increasingly polarized, offering a safe context where people are welcome to embrace our uniqueness and express their differences in an atmosphere of belonging.


1. Worshipping God (Godward)

· Gather regularly to sing, pray, read and interpret the scriptures through the life and teachings of Jesus and hear the message of the gospel

· Share our time, spiritual gifts and finances with joy

· Commit to growth in faith using spiritual practices throughout the week (e.g. prayer, Bible study, solitude)

· Integrate our spirituality and our daily work by placing God at the center of all we do

2. Building community (Inward)

· Pray, nurture and care for one another in daily life

· Walk with God and each other in humility and accountability

· Form a contrast community of seekers who are learning to be radical disciples of Jesus

· Develop relationships with and pray for the body of Christ in our neighborhood, our nation and our world

3. Witnessing to the world (Outward)

· Call and send every believer to proclaim Jesus’ good news

· Invite others to join us in following Jesus

· Take risks in welcoming the stranger and offering a safe place to belong

· Engage in peacemaking by loving our enemies, undoing racism, promoting justice and tending to God’s creation in our personal, corporate, community and international contexts