Luke 18:1-8 – The story of the widow’s persistence is not a manual for prayer, according to Scott Sprunger. It’s a picture of God’s faithful persistence in moving toward us ALL. THE. TIME. Thanks be to God!

Small paper lanterns

Psalm 146 – God is faithful from one generation to the next! In her final visit to JSMC as Eastern Mennonite Mission’s Rep. to East Africa, Debbi DiGennaro has some hope-filled words about God’s mission and why it matters! God’s peace, Debbi!

World Fellowship Sunday: Celebrating Migration and the Anabaptist/Mennonite Story

Nearly 500 years ago, European Anabaptists were persecuted because they claimed primary citizenship in God’s kingdom rather their national identity. Since then spiritual descendants of the early Anabaptists can be found all over the world. For example, Anabaptists recently celebrated 100 years of presence in Latin America and the Caribbean. There have been missionaries, large-scale migrations from North to South, …

Advent Three: Joy

In place of a sermon, we performed a play today!  It was the story of a church choir that needed God’s intervention when nothing went right at practice. God set things right! Not through terror or violent acts, but through a baby – Jesus Christ, our deliverer.  Zephaniah 3.14-20

Jesus was troubled

Rongbin Xie John 12:20-33 2000 years ago, Jesus was troubled by “this hour” (time to die on the cross) and “this purpose” (to glorify the Father) which Christians nowadays are facing as well. It reveals the imbalances between spiritual life and physical life and the tension within ministries that are stressing many Christians out. Trying to achieve balance within lives …