Earth Care. Because we worship together.

Psalm 148 doesn’t exclude any part of the created world. Animals, Plants, Stars, Planets, Insects, Land: we’re all just praising the Lord together. And since we’re in the same worshiping community, let’s take care of each other, OK? (Climate change is real. And we can do something about it.)

The Shepherd’s Care

Psalm 23 is among the most well-known and beloved of all Scriptures. We love it, and we need its message: Our Shepherd God gives us attention and resets our consumerist mentality from “more” to “enough” and provides light in the darkest of places and hosts the most abundant of tables and pursues us relentlessly

Delight in a healing God

Psalm 30 delights in a God who heals, who pulls up (as water from a well), who brings back from the brink of the grave. Today’s sermon takes a serious look at healing when our prayers don’t seem to have worked that way. (We will miss you, Rachel Held Evans!)