Matthew 11:2-11 – What John the Baptist thought would happen vs. what Jesus was doing. There was no army. There was just healing and saving in small places. “A Message of Hope in a Robocall World” by Pastor Stan Shantz
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by Karen Gonzalez Matthew 3:1-12 – Author Karen Gonzalez (The God Who Sees) stands in the shoes of the prophet John the Baptist to preach the message of repentance and hope to a people who are trying to do everything right. What does John’s message say to us today?
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Matthew 24:36-44 – A little meditation on our mental health, our anxious times and how fear is a natural, God-given-and-created response to uncertainty, and how it’s a message to us that something new is happening! “FOMO” by Pastor Carmen Horst Okanya
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Jeremiah 23:1-6 – True kings, shepherds or leaders take care of those who were robbed by the false or unrighteous leaders. “Hope Prevails” by Pastor Stan Shantz
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November 17, 2019


Isaiah 65:17-25 offers a vision corrective. We just might have to let go of past ideals to fully embrace God’s vision for shalom for ALL people. What is our response to God’s vision? Resistance? Or “Let’s do this!” “An Idyllic Picture” by Pastor Stan Shantz
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