Genesis 2:4b-22 – Our first time celebrating the liturgical Season of Creation. In this season we celebrate Christ together with creation, we face the ecological crisis with Christ, and we serve Christ in the healing of creation. We worship you, God of Creation!
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Exodus 24:12-18, 32:1-34:10 – That time when the people felt alone and scared and just wanted everything to go back to “the way it used to be.” “Taking down the golden calf” by Pastor Carmen Horst Okanya
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Exodus 15:22-16:36 – Today highlights human patterns of complaining and how God sees and meets our needs. God rescued the people out of slavery to Pharaoh so that they can belong with God. God gives us enough for today to get where we’re going. “Gloom, Despair and Agony” by Verle Brubaker
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Exodus 13:17-15:21 – Be Still. Then Get Moving. Don’t be Afraid. God will fight with and for us through all the uncertainties. “Into the Unknown” by Naomi Weaver
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Exodus 12:1 – 13:16 – This is the moment when the people are set free. This is the meal. Deliver us, O Lord! “A Meal Like No Other” – Pastor Carmen Horst Okanya
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