October 27, 2019


Joel 2:23-32 – “I will restore . . .” – God. Pastor Stan was refreshed by his Sabbatical. Hear what he’s thinking about now. “A Season of Learning and Reflecting” by Pastor Stan Shantz
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October 20, 2019


Luke 18:1-8 – The story of the widow’s persistence is not a manual for prayer, according to Scott Sprunger. It’s a picture of God’s faithful persistence in moving toward us ALL. THE. TIME. Thanks be to God! “The Faith to Persist” by Scott Sprunger
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October 13, 2019


Luke 17:11-19 – In the bleakest of times, mercy abounds. When we can’t see our way ahead, grace appears. We respond in gratitude. And gratitude wakes us up to God’s saving wholeness, which is being held out for us always. “Gratitude Wake Up” by Pastor Carmen Horst Okanya
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“Faith to go. Faith to stay. Faith to leave.” by Benjamin Sprunger and Candacia Greeman Luke 17:5-10 – Benjamin Sprunger and Candacia Greeman brought focus to our global communion celebration as they shared from their experiences serving and working in South Sudan with Mennonite Central Committee.
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Psalm 146 – God is faithful from one generation to the next! In her final visit to JSMC as Eastern Mennonite Mission’s Rep. to East Africa, Debbi DiGennaro has some hope-filled words about God’s mission and why it matters! God’s peace, Debbi! Small paper lanterns guiding the way! “Mission is God’s” by Debbi DiGennaro, East Africa Regional Representative for Eastern Mennonite Missions
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