Lent 6 – Palm Sunday & Holy Week

Called to deep hope | John 12:12-16 & Mark 14:32-15:47 | (It’s a 2-sermonette week.) In the first reflection, we remember Palm Sunday as a protest against domination. Jesus the king is not the glitzy governor; his methods contrast with the Roman machine. And in the second sermonette, we reflect on the price of protesting: Jesus’ arrest, taken into custody, …

Covenant with JSMC – 1

1 John 3:16-18 – “Lay down your life” brings focus to our first of two Covenant Sundays. We renew our commitments to each other, God and this community. Listen/watch to learn about the JSMC Ministry Team’s 2021 Commitments. Use this link to find our JSMC YouTube Channel and see the entire worship service.

Witness – Part 9

Who Will Be A Witness?

Mark 12:28-34 – The final chapter, “The Politics of Love” tells us that ANY act or truth must be informed by love. To clarify, it’s not the mushy-mushy sentimental kind of love; we mean love of neighbor and love of enemy. Sermon only clip is coming soon. Meanwhile, check out this week’s entire worship service on the James Street Mennonite …

Witness – Part 8

Who Will Be A Witness?

Romans 12:9-21 – “The Things that Make for Peace” in a specifically Anabaptist perspective: burning coals, patterning our lives after Christ, and a love that seeks the good of all people. Sermon coming soon. Meanwhile, view the entire worship service here on our YouTube Channel, James Street Mennonite Church.