Lent 6 – Palm Sunday & Holy Week

Called to deep hope | John 12:12-16 & Mark 14:32-15:47 | (It’s a 2-sermonette week.) In the first reflection, we remember Palm Sunday as a protest against domination. Jesus the king is not the glitzy governor; his methods contrast with the Roman machine. And in the second sermonette, we reflect on the price of protesting: Jesus’ arrest, taken into custody, …

Deep Calls to Deep – Lent 2

Called to deep commitment | Genesis 12:1-4 | We examine God’s call to step out into the unknown like Abraham and Sarah and “get lost in the woods” to find the blessings God is calling us to share. Find the livestream recording from our James Street Mennonite Church YouTube Channel here.

Witness – Part 7

Who Will Be A Witness?

Luke 18:22-25; 19:8-10; 21:1-4 – Today we explore economic justice and the church. Jesus asks one rich person to give everything away and he walks away. After that, we hear about Zacchaeus who really does give everything away and a widow who gives all she has. What does this mean for a church in an age of financial apartheid? Sermon …