Blessed Hunger, Holy Feast: Lent 5

Isaiah 43:16-21 – “Forget the prior things” – even the good things that God has done. Because God is making a new way. It will not look like what God has done in the past (making a dry path through a watery sea). It will be something we could not imagine without help: watery streams through a dry desert. Praise …

Blessed Hunger, Holy Feast: Lent 4

Luke 15:1-3, 11-32 – The Lost Son is Jesus’ story of the good news that God is the one who is on the side of the lost! There are so many ways to be lost, but, as Pastor Stan reminded us, the church is a place where all who feel lost can be found and celebrated. Let’s get celebrating!

Blessed Hunger, Holy Feast: Lent 3

Isaiah 55:1-9 – What hungers do we have? Relational hungers? Spiritual thirst? Gnawing, physical hunger? God initiates a relationship with people who have hungers of all kinds. God offers satisfaction and nourishment to all who are bruised and beaten, struggling and searching. It costs nothing! And it will take all you have to accept God’s invitation!

Blessed Hunger, Holy Feast: Lent 1

Deuteronomy 26:1-19 is the defining narrative for the Israelites. They were once wanderers. Now they have a home and food. God acted and God saved them from desolation and disappearance. Now they respond with thanks – sharing the produce of their harvests so that those who are as vulnerable as they once were can feast, too!