We’re deep into the story of the people God is forming. In today’s “episode” the people are in a desert and they are out of food. Years of slavery in Egypt have taken a toll on the people’s collective ability to name their needs in a constructive way. They complain to God, or test God, and wish to die. YHWH hears their complaint as a valid need and let’s them know they can voice their
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1 Corinthians 14:33-40 The final words of chapter 14 in First Corinthians are especially troublesome for the many women who have been silenced in churches. What does a church like James Street Mennonite do with a scripture text like this, when women are speaking and singing and doing it well? Listen for a historical/contextual lesson and a challenge for us today. What competing voices within you need to be silenced so that God’s voice can
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