Preparing for Mennonite Convention, we continue preaching from Luke 24. This week we hear about the travelers as they invite Jesus to stay with them. They might have forgotten that Jesus had recently asked the disciples to stay with him – in the garden, praying. Instead of staying, they flee. One by one, they abandon their teacher and Lord. Now Jesus hears the question right back at him. Rather than defend his own honor or
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Luke 24:13-27
In celebration of the completion of updates to our state-mandated Child-Protection-Policy, I talked about the dignity of children today. Our children are an important connection for us and God’s Kingdom. May they lead the way! Scriptures: Mark 10:13-16 and Acts 17:24-28 Listen: Yesterday we also heard from Mennonite World Conference Reps who encouraged us to register!! See here for more information! We also commissioned 2 new Stephen ministers. I’m so thankful for each one of
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Thank you, Aram DiGennaro, for these fightin’ words! Romans 14:1-12 and 15:1-7
Pentecost Sunday 2015 was a First Fruits celebration. We brought our flowers, early produce, and our money to the front. And then we came back up to receive the bread and wine of our Lord. It’s God’s planting, hoping, and harvesting cycle in action. Come Holy Spirit! Acts 2:1-21
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