Luke 15:1-10 – Rewriting the meaning of the lost sheep story: that one sheep has not gone astray; it’s a valued asset that the Shepherd earnestly seeks until found. “Lost?” by Jonathan Landis, Minister of Music
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“Count on Losing” by Pastor Carmen Horst Okanya Luke 14:25-33 – The cost of following Jesus is pretty high for those of us who are the builders and commanders in society: give up all your possessions. How is this even good news?
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Luke 14:1, 7-14 – If Jesus wrote an etiquette column for hosts and hostesses and their guests, it would likely be cancelled after the first appearance in a North American Media Outlet. His advice is all about downward mobility, anti-social-climbing, generosity, and humbleness. Good News for the poor! “Haughty humility (lessons in humility) by Joanne Dietzel, ACC Conference Minister
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Psalm 150 says that everything with breath praises the Lord. So, Pastor Stan reaches for Lancaster County vernacular to say: no matter what else is going on, praise God awhile. “Easter People” by Pastor Stan Shantz
Luke 24:1-12 – Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen Indeed! “A Little Easter” – by Pastor Stan Shantz