“If you are OK and your neighbor is not OK, then you are not OK!” – Jesus announced the good news of peace to you who were far away from God and to those who were near (Ephesians 2.17). This week’s sermon audio file will be available shortly – Pastor Carmen
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What does following Jesus look like? What does it mean? How important is it? It means everything! It means our ethics and daily lifestyle reflect Jesus’ love. Not just any cushy-feel-good feeling (although it could be that, too), it means radical action, justice and peace and reconciliation. It’s all of life, from the heroic to the mundane. Are you on board? “The Act of Love” by Pastor Stan Shantz
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Today we start a 4-week renewal series. As we implement a brand new JSMC Covenant, we ask: Who are we? Whose are we? What are we called to? Pastor Stan preaches from Ephesians 3:14-17. He notes that it’s not a checklist; it’s a description of God’s work through us. Strengthened to LovePastor Stan Shantz
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January 6, 2019


“We are not the light. But when God shows up, we shine in God’s light.” – Jonathan Landis, from his sermon. Matthew 2:1-12 “Where is God leading us?”
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Luke 2:41-52 – Jesus, God-Emmanuel, is growing in mind, wisdom and body. God grows and changes! God does change as God interacts with Creation. God’s “changeable faithfulness” means that this growth is faithful and always bends toward love and justice. Hallelujah! “Love Revealed” by Pastor Carmen Horst
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