Genesis 11:1-9 is the origin story of languages and, therefore, cultures. God’s work of scattering the peoples multiplies the spread of humanity on the created world. At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit revealed that God’s blessing is on every language and culture of world. God’s desire is for the Good News of God’s Kingdom to be known in each one of God’s beloved people groups! God is at work scattering the Good News among the people!
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Psalm 67 is a happy Psalm! It reminds us that God’s blessing is global and isn’t limited to one nation or people group. God’s blessing is the foundation of mission. Are you #blessed? Then you are called to bless others, regardless of who they are. “All Peoples and Nations” by Pastor Stan Shantz
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Psalm 148 doesn’t exclude any part of the created world. Animals, Plants, Stars, Planets, Insects, Land: we’re all just praising the Lord together. And since we’re in the same worshiping community, let’s take care of each other, OK? (Climate change is real. And we can do something about it.) “An Odd Call” by Pastor Stan Shantz
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Psalm 23 is among the most well-known and beloved of all Scriptures. We love it, and we need its message: Our Shepherd God gives us attentionand resets our consumerist mentality from “more” to “enough”and provides light in the darkest of placesand hosts the most abundant of tablesand pursues us relentlessly “Grateful Confidence” by Pastor Stan Shantz
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Psalm 30 delights in a God who heals, who pulls up (as water from a well), who brings back from the brink of the grave. Today’s sermon takes a serious look at healing when our prayers don’t seem to have worked that way. (We will miss you, Rachel Held Evans!) “Pulled up (from the sea)” by Pastor Carmen Horst Okanya
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