Lent 6 – Palm Sunday & Holy Week

Called to deep hope | John 12:12-16 & Mark 14:32-15:47 | (It’s a 2-sermonette week.) In the first reflection, we remember Palm Sunday as a protest against domination. Jesus the king is not the glitzy governor; his methods contrast with the Roman machine. And in the second sermonette, we reflect on the price of protesting: Jesus’ arrest, taken into custody, betrayal by his friends, trial before a partial jury, death sentence and execution. The second reflection invites us to lament with the mourners, in the same spirit as the many voices from 2020-21 have called the Christian community to lament the unjust arrests, murders and trials of BIPOC in America. Weep with those who are weeping!

View the James Street Mennonite Church worship service on our YouTube Channel or by clicking here.

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