Journey Forward: Follow Jesus

What does following Jesus look like? What does it mean? How important is it? It means everything! It means our ethics and daily lifestyle reflect Jesus’ love. Not just any cushy-feel-good feeling (although it could be that, too), it means radical action, justice and peace and reconciliation. It’s all of life, from the heroic to the mundane. Are you on board?

“The Act of Love” by Pastor Stan Shantz


  1. I would welcome conversation about what gives us the capacity to love in this way. I see it closely connected to putting on the mind of Christ. What helps move us in this direction?

  2. Thanks for your comments and thanks for listening! Speaking for myself (and not for all of JSMC), I think our capacity to love in this way is sourced in God. That sounds trite, I know. But what I’ve experienced is that sometimes I can “cook up” this kind of love, but other times it comes from somewhere beyond my conscious self. I think, too, of Mother Teresa, who reported long bouts of depression and inability to feel love. All she could do was every day continue to do what she had previously committed herself to. Philippians 2 (putting on the mind of Christ) indicates that the mind includes physical actions and motivations (humility). Somehow all this works together to form us into little Christs. One thing that I’m learning more about is the corporate/collective nature of following Jesus. Putting on the mind of Christ isn’t just for individuals acting in isolation. It’s the collective act of putting on the mind of Christ, the collective attitude, the collective actions. Somehow all our individual acts add up to one Body. One Collective that is Christ. American/Western Christ followers do this so poorly, in general. We’ve spread our anti-communal (and, therefore, perhaps anti-Christ?) message all around the world. What helps us move in the direction of Christ-collectivity? I have some ideas, and would love to hear more!! Coming to worship collectively on a regular basis; somehow knowing that something is going on that is bigger than myself; praying collectively, confessing collectively our complicity in systems like racism, global climate change, overconsumption of goods, war, poverty, and more… What else??

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