“Control of the Tongue”

Matthew 18:15-20

Weekly Spiritual Discipline:
Choose one of the following to practice this week.
1. Do you readily jump to conclusions? Take an extra breath or 2 then check out the other’s intention by asking “What I hear you saying is. . . ”. Keep listening and clarifying until you understand.

2. Avoid using accusatory phrases like “You always . . .” or “You never . . .” These are fighting words. Notice what happened in your relationship(s).

3. Do you give praise or say thank you to those you work and live with? Make 4 columns on a piece of paper with these headings:
I made a mistake Nice job Thank you! I’m sorry
Put the list where you’ll readily see it. Practice using these words each day for 1 week. Then revisit the list, writing who you said it to and how they responded. How is it changing you?

4. Choose 1 day in the next week and set your phone timer to ring every hour as a reminder to pray that your words would be gracious.