“Burning Hearts”

Preparing for Mennonite Convention, we continue preaching from Luke 24. This week we hear about the travelers as they invite Jesus to stay with them. They might have forgotten that Jesus had recently asked the disciples to stay with him – in the garden, praying. Instead of staying, they flee. One by one, they abandon their teacher and Lord. Now Jesus hears the question right back at him. Rather than defend his own honor or injured sense of justice, Jesus, the Risen Christ, defeater of death, accepts their invitation. He stays with them.

As they eat together, the disciples finally see who Jesus is. And then they finally name that all that time on the road their hearts were burning within them. Their burning hearts, even unacknowledged, moved them to open their minds to invite the stranger to stay. And Jesus accepted. May our hearts burn within, moving us to radical hospitality, offering shelter to those with no place to stay, food to the hungry, a cup of water to the thirsty, freedom for captives. Then our eyes will be open and we will see: Jesus has come to stay with us.