Lent 4 – God Amidst the Shadows

Today we heard the story of Pastor Max Villatoro: Click here find out the latest information.

Supporters of Pastor Max asked that individuals and groups make videos. See here for more information.

Make a video! Reveal yourself as an IRL* supporter of Pastor Max and all immigrants. If it feels too much like being exposed, then you’re in the right place. Just as Moses lifted up the serpent … Just as Jesus was lifted up on the cross … Lift up your voice!

*in real life


  1. Here is the latest! Please call!
    Dear Pastors and other friends,

    We’ve been calling Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) offices to ask them not to deport Max. First we called ICE in Omaha, then called them in St. Paul, today we need to call the ICE offices in Washington DC. Time may be running out for Max…the facility he’s in is a 72-hour transfer facility on the grounds of the airport in Alexandria, Louisiana. Please, if you have called ICE before, call again today. If you haven’t made a call for Max yet, today is the day.

    Here is the phone number: 202-732-3000. When I called, the person who answered listened to me politely and took down my message. I let him know that I know Max and how I know him, that Max is not a threat, and asked that Max be considered for relief under their prosecutorial discretion guidelines. I also gave Max’s case number: A# 094-338-085 and repeated his name to be sure they knew who I was talking about.

    Please spread the word, and please keep praying that God will find a way to deliver Max back to his family and congregation.

    Thank you so much,


    UPDATE at 12:33: As more people have been calling, only about 50 percent are getting through. If you get a confusing recording when you call, just keep trying.

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